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SUMMARY: – Editorial – “Kaidan” posters – Update on the editing – New website is coming EDITORIAL And we are back! We’re a bit late, as we should’ve been back in October, but the (still not finished) moving in our new city is taking longer than expected. And so we are late on everything. We should be totally operational in a month. But still, we have some great news to share, starting with the brand new Syred Pictures logo that […]

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Hello! I’m taking the keyboard this time to give you the update. This news will be the only one during the summer. In July, we continue to move to our new city, and in August, Celine and Alexandre are on holidays. They’ll be back for you in September. So, what can I tell you this month? As they said in June, we are moving and so we needed to stop the editing. But we aren’t late. It was on our […]

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SUMMARY: – Editorial – The cast: Promo shots – Update on the editing EDITORIAL This month news are still light as we are behind schedule with almost everything. We usually publish the monthly digest before the 10th of the month, but we are even running late on that, while we are moving to the new city. Right now, we are saying goodbye to Strasbourg, its cathedral, and all the people who worked with us these five last years! When we’ll […]

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