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SUMMARY: – Editorial – The shooting is over – Update on the editing – Last pictures from the set – “Kaidan” season 1 Fanbook EDITORIAL April is a bit light, not so many announcements. From your point of view, this month will look calm. But on our side, it’s a volcano: we’re starting the post-production on “Kaidan” and it will take a big part of the year (editing, color grading, special effects, music…), two new web series are in pre-production […]

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SUMMARY: – The end is near – Editing the show – Pictures – Re-upload: “Kaidan” season 1 – The first Fanbook for “Kaidan” THE END IS NEAR Here comes March! We are really late on our plans (cause of the weather), and the shooting should’ve ended some weeks ago. But with all the troubles, we had to delay a lot. But here we are, in the home stretch. This month, we are shooting the last big scenes. Then, in April, […]

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SUMMARY: – A new month of shooting – Editing the season – In Vine and pictures – “Nothing New” season 3 remastered – The last “Nothing New” Fanbook – Updating the previous Fanbooks A NEW MONTH OF SHOOTING As you may have already seen on Facebook or Twitter, January wasn’t really good for us. We planned 3 weeks of shooting and, with the illnesses and bad weather conditions, we could only shoot one week. February is going better for the […]

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