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The studio is separated in 4 parts:
Syred Pictures, working on the series, shorts and full length movies
DYspeed, working on the special effects
Stardust Animation, working on our future animated projects
Lycan Editions, publishing books

Historical background
In 2007, when “Nothing New” was only a project, Maykel Stone decided to auto produce the series. In July 2007 he founded his own company, Syred Pictures. The origin of the name is quite simple and are just two words combined into one: “Sylar”, a character Maykel loved in the show ‘Heroes’, and “Red”, color of the company’s logo.
In 2008, while directing an episode from the show that needed special effects, Syred Pictures decided to not ask a third party company, but to create its own first party studio, that could work on the special effects for Syred Pictures and some affiliates. DYspeed was founded. The D and Y are in capital letters cause they are important: those two letters are the initials of someone close to Maykel Stone. Since its foundation, DYspeed made the special effects on “Nothing New” episode 1.09, but they also made the 3D postconversion on the final episode of the second season.
In 2011, Syred Pictures decided to work on animated projects and founded a new studio, Stardust Animation. The origin of the name Stardust comes from the imaginary studio Maykel Stone created when he was eight year old. It’s this souvenir from his childhood that he used to create a studio that, in the end, will mainly create movies for the young audience.
Finally, in 2012, Maykel Stone decided to complete the possibilities of the studio by founding a publishing subsidiary. Lycan Editions was born (Lycan, shortened for Lycanthrope). This company will publish online (mainly on the iTunes Store and Kindle), and will bring you books (like the “Nothing New” fanbooks), comics (like “Something New”) and novels from young authors.

Syred Pictures is mainly working with Mecagination Films, company founded by Sidney Soriano.

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You want to submit a project to Syred Pictures?
You want Syred Pictures to help you on directing or producing a project? You have a screenplay for us? Contact us on contact[at] but DON’T send your project in the first email! To avoid copyright problems, we prefer that you send a first email to explain the project in some lines. We’ll then contact you back if we want or need more information.

Young author, you want to be published by Lycan Editions?
It’s a different method. Click on the following link and read carefully how we can help you: join Lycan Editions.

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