To know first

Lycan Editions will only accept projects in french and english. If you write in another language, we won't be able to help you. If you write in english and we really love your project, we may propose you to translate it in french for free.

Submitting your project

Contact us at and present your work with a summary or a synopsis. Don't send your project before we ask you to do it.

After we contacted you back

If your summary seduces us, we will ask you to send your complete project by email so we can read it. We will send you then a proof of reception, to let you know that your project is in our hands (copyright obligation).

NOTE : The copy you'll send us has to be in .doc or .pages. Don't send any other format. No pdf or epub, cause we need to add the legal mentions before publishing it.

We should I choose Lycan Editions?

Finding someone to publish your book, when you're a young author, is really complicated. Lycan Editions offers you a small help with no restriction. You are free to go to another publishing company at any time, we won't ask you to sign any exclusive licence on your future projects.

How much will I earn?

It depends on you! With Lycan Edition, the author choose the selling price, and take 60% on each book sold. But be careful, you should never forget that it's sold online only.

And you can choose to have your book published for free as well.

Do I keep copyrights on my book?

Lycan Editions will only ask you for the copyrights on the digital edition. We don't publish on paper, so we don't ask those rights. Therefore, you are free to ask another company to publish your book on paper, even if we have the rights to publish it digitally. Any other right stays yours.

Where will my book be published?

On iTunes (for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod), Kindle, Feedbooks, Lulu, and any other digital website or touch pad. You'll have your own page on Syred Pictures' website too.

Any other question?

Contact us at !