The shooting is over
Update on the editing
Last pictures from the set
“Kaidan” season 1 Fanbook


April is a bit light, not so many announcements. From your point of view, this month will look calm. But on our side, it’s a volcano: we’re starting the post-production on “Kaidan” and it will take a big part of the year (editing, color grading, special effects, music…), two new web series are in pre-production but we still can’t talk about them right now (both are for 2015), and Syred Pictures will move to south of France in a couple of months… But we don’t forget you, and we’ll keep you informed!


And it’s done. The very last scene of the show was shot on Saturday, April 5th 2014. It was the last scene of the season, the last scene of the show, and the last scene ever in Strasbourg. These six and a half months were hard, the most complicated we ever had as we shot for the very first time with special effects and green screens, and the actors had to use their imagination to create the scenes in their minds. It’s weird to think that we’ll leave Strasbourg like that. After 5 years with this team, the last scene together, and the last promotional photo shoot, were full of emotions. We wish the best for the cast, and for those who want to continue an acting career, we let them in the hands of the many directors of Strasbourg. We’ll follow their career and hope to cross their road again for another project. But for now, the “Kaidan” shooting is over!


For sure, the work is not over for us. The post-production teams will now have to do their job. And the first step will begin! This step is to watch the dailies, and to select the ones we can keep for the editing room, the ones good for the making of, the ones for the bloopers, and the ones we can throw away cause they can’t be used (2 seconds shot cause of a false start, blurry shots, etc.). Once the dailies are watched, the editing can start, for the featurettes and the episodes. About the featurettes, we select what looks the most useful to see the work done, and we put them all together. For the episodes, we watch again the selected dailies, and we choose the best shot for every scenes. Then we select the best audio tracks and try to have a good lips sync. This, for the 10 episodes, has to be done in the next three months if we want to follow our roadmap. If everything is good, we’ll be able to broadcast the show in December.


As the shooting is over, every pictures from the set are now available online. A new album will arrive in May or June for the promotional photos. But for now, don’t hesitate to look at the set pictures ! You can go to Series > Kaidan in the upper menu, or follow this short link: http://tinyurl.com/KaidanShoot.
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Last month, we announced the 1st “Kaidan” Fanbook (on the iBooks Store, for Mac and iPad). Sadly, we had to delay it cause we needed more time to create the perfect book. We didn’t want to upload quickly an unfinished book and then finish it with updates, like we did for “Nothing New”. It had to be perfect on the first version. So we took a bit more time and it’ll be uploaded this month. We’ll tell you on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as soon as it’ll appear on the iBooks Store!