Kaidan Season 2
Looking back…
… to the future


Yes, I know what you wanna say: our monthly digest is now every three months. But currently, if we work a lot, we don’t have so much to announce officialy. So we thought it would be stupid to write a monthly digest just to say “nothing to see this month, come back next month!”. And we waited on something great to announce. Guess what? Time’s come! Our most faithful fans recognized that the scene on the screenshot is taken from “Nothing New” (yeah! Already two years without talking about it!). But let’s see what’s coming!


We didn’t say much about it recently. We still don’t have a release date to announce, and I regret it, but Maykel keep this information secret. The series is late cause we needed more time to move our office, but the good news is that all episodes are now edited, and the special effects team is at work. The season is still not finished, as once the special effects are finished, the episodes will have some adjustments, then will go to the composer, and come back in the editing room one last time to add the sound effects. So a lot of work to do. However we have a new information for the iPhone and iPad owners: when the show will be released, an app will be available with push notifications each time an episode is live (or each time there is a monthly digest on this website). Another information: the “making of” featurettes won’t be the only extra this time. We are working on featurettes to show you the editing room, and the special effects team. So stay tuned for more info about that in the next months.


Let’s talk about the screenshot in this monthly digest. As you may have recognized it, it’s from the very first scene of the very first episode of “Nothing New”, when Johannes breaks up with Maykel. Why this picture? Cause a new edition of the series is coming! I know, there was already a new edition in 2013. But the 2013 version was just here to turn up the volume on some scenes, we didn’t touch anything since the 2009 cut. We even added some mistakes (the ghost image on the season 3 opening credits)! We didn’t want to come back to “Nothing New”, but we discovered something. When we edited the show at first, it was on Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 on Windows. But we recently installed the newest version on Mac. First surprise: this version can read the projects created on Windows (no previous Mac version could). Second surprise: this new version can fully use the 5.1 track!

The old Windows version could only work on mono, and that’s why the sound was so horrible. Turning up the volume helped to hear better, but not to correct the problem. With this new version, we can finally use the 5.1 soundtrack. Now the sound is clearer, but also in a really better quality! However this new cut will take some time as we have to convert every video track to a format Mac OS can read, then we have to replace, manually, one by one, each sound track to the main track. A huge work that will be done by a second team, so the main team can still work on “Kaidan” without being slowed down. We’ll tell you once the episodes are online, and we really hope this time it’s our ultimate cut.


Let’s see in front of us now. Shortly, we’ll shoot “Four” in a month. As we said before, it’ll be our first short movie. We don’t know when it’ll be online as it’s meant to be shown in festivals first. Then, this summer, we’ll shoot our new comedy series. At the moment, we still don’t have the cast, but the first auditions will be done in june. We won’t talk about the “Kaidan” spin off right now, it’s still too early as it’s meant to be released in some years only, but the shooting is still for next winter, and the screenplay is almost finished. It could be our first big budget series. But we’ll talk about that later too.