Big work ahead

A huge work started: we are remastering seasons 1 to 3.

About the video, changes won’t be big. Some scenes will be shortened, or we’ll use some other angles. But some seasons, like the first one, are already at their third version (original one in 2008, a new cut by Sidney Soriano in 2009, and a remaster HD in 2010). So there is nothing left to change (even if some small changes will be necessary). As we want to keep the amateur and realistic side of these seasons, we won’t apply any filter, like we did for season 4.

The real lifting will be made on the audio side. At first, the voices. Next to season 4, the 3 previous seasons are bad. Shot with a bad equipment, you can’t really hear the voices. So we’ll work that a lot. Don’t have too high expectations, as the audio file is bad, we won’t be able to make a miracle. But we were already able to delete the wind on the first episode, or to make some scenes in the bar more audible.

Finally, the other big change: a real original score! 6 years ago, we made the show with less than 100 dollars. Our director composed some musics on the first 5 episodes, but for the rest, we used musics found on the internet. Problem: some are copyrighted now (the bands finally signed with a major and so YouTube is blocking the show in some countries), and some other are just not right with the action on screen. So we decided to hire a new composer, who would create a new original score just for the show. Note that on the first 5 episodes, we’ll keep Ambroise Bucher’s work.

For the new score, we hired Aurelien Benharrats! It’s an honor to see him joining the crew and to see how enthusiastic he is to work on the show. We chose him between thirty other composers who answered our job advertisement. He’ll know how to give a new life to the first season. On the next seasons, he’ll be joined by two more composers, Brice Matter and Jerome Marie.

These new versions will be uploaded soon on our servers and on the streaming websites, and will erase the old ones.