December 2013 – MONTHLY DIGEST


“Nothing New” Remastered starts!
The first Fanbook
A new title for “(still) Nothing New”
Mixing and
The shooting on hold


The time has come! Those who don’t download the episodes for free on the website and prefer to wait on the streaming will finally be able to watch “Nothing New” in its new (and final, we promise) remastered version. Each month, a season will be uploaded on YouTube, Dailymotion, et Vimeo (Vimeo is the only website without close captions currently. They’ll be added as soon as Vimeo add this feature in 2014). Season 1 in December, season 2 in January and season 3 in February. Starting today, you can go on our channels and subscribe to discover or rediscover our very first webseries, that we created in 2008 already, in a new and improved version. There will be one episode each day, from monday to friday, during the next two weeks. You’ll be able to watch the adventures of Maykel and Johannes: their break-up, their new relation, and their wedding. The first episode is already online when this article is posted.


Little gift for the fans who own an iPad (iOS 6 at least) or a Mac (Mac OS 10.9 needed), each month, the streaming of the season will come with a fanbook. What is a fanbook? It’s an interactive book, that you can read on your iPad or Mac, for free, and filled with photos, videos, the complete screenplays, but as well some production notes, comments written by the cast, previously unpublished informations, and the complete history on how the show was created. Season 1 this month comes with “Rien de 9 – Fanbook volume 1” already available on the iTunes iBooks Store for free. Here is the link to download it directly. Warning: this book is in French only.


Here is maybe the biggest news of the month, the one who caused an uproar at Syred Pictures and MecaginationFilms the last two weeks: “(still) Nothing New” changes its title and becomes “Kaidan”.

First, why this change? This modification is a last-minute decision. On November 20, the two creators of the show (Maykel Stone and Sidney Soriano) met to talk about how the audience received the show, but as well what the cast told them about the previous season. If the audience liked the season, they were as well disturbed. Actually, the original title was chosen to be understood as a spin-off. But the audience didn’t understand that, and thought that “(still) Nothing New” was a sequel to “Nothing New”, or was the same show. Some people were expecting to follow again Maykel and Johannes or to watch a gay romantic comedy. There was a huge communication problem, we didn’t send the right message to the audience. As the show is really far from “Nothing New” now, we needed to let the audience know that this is an independent webseries, that you can watch even if you don’t know “Nothing New” at all. Maykel and Sidney then decided to re-think the show marketing as if it was a totally new show, and not a spin-off. So the title was changed and the next 11 months before the new season arrives will be used to promote the show with this new title.
The previous episodes were re-encoded with the new title and will be uploaded in March, and the Syred Pictures’ website is using the new title as well already. We as well re-worked the posters to put on it the new title. Finally, and to totally cut any link, we deleted “Kaidan” from, so the “Nothing New” official website is now only showing “Nothing New”. From now on, you’ll be able to download the “Kaidan” episodes on only (go to “Series”, and “Kaidan”).

And why “Kaidan”? Kaidan is a generic Japanese term for a “supernatural story”. It’s a term used for any movie or story with ghosts, demons, and things like that. It’s giving you the atmosphere of the show in the title, but without any spoiler. And why in Japanese rather than any other language? You’ll have to wait the next season to understand, but the story will link the characters to this country.


As we were busy deleting “Kaidan” from, we decided as well to improve our official website. So we included directly the whole in If you go on the page “Series” and then “Nothing New”, you’ll find all the content of the series’ website. You can download the episodes for free, find the streaming links, watch the photos, etc. No need to go on two different websites anymore. For sure, we’ll keep the domain. But we won’t update it anymore as the show is over. But we keep the domain cause we have some special feelings for it. After all, it was our very first webseries.


On December, the shooting is on hold for a month. As we mostly shoot outside, it becomes hard to stay long in the cold wind (it’s near 32°F), but as well, the city of Strasbourg doesn’t allow us to shoot during the annual Christmas Market (and we can understand that, as the city doubles its population with the tourists in December).
We’ll use this time to start editing the first episode that we’ll be able to send to the special effects team as soon as possible. And so, that’s the reason why you won’t see any new shooting pics before January.