February 2014 – MONTHLY DIGEST


A new month of shooting
Editing the season
In Vine and pictures
“Nothing New” season 3 remastered
The last “Nothing New” Fanbook
Updating the previous Fanbooks


As you may have already seen on Facebook or Twitter, January wasn’t really good for us. We planned 3 weeks of shooting and, with the illnesses and bad weather conditions, we could only shoot one week. February is going better for the moment and we cross fingers for the team. There are only 7 weeks left to finish the shooting before the special effects team start their work which will last this summer. So we only have until April to shoot everything, otherwise the special effects team won’t have the 4 months needed before Syred Pictures leave Strasbourg, and the special effects quality will be downgraded. With this moral boost and short amount of time left, the weather conditions won’t stop the team anymore. They are now shooting under the wind, rain, or snow. And this week was a proof of it, as they shot during a hailstorm and in a 37,5mph (60km/h) wind. There are more scenes inside in February, but we hope the weather will be better in March as they’ll have to shoot all the fights outside.


We’ll soon start to edit the season. Until now, as we didn’t have any full episode shot (we shoot the scenes and episodes in a random order), we couldn’t do it. But now, episodes 1 to 4 are totally shot and we can start to work on it, so it’ll be ready for the special effects team. As explained above, we cross fingers for the editing team cause the wind was horrible, and the editing will be hard to “clean” the tracks, choose the best pictures and separated best audio tracks, and try to make it seems like it’s from the same shot. Cause most of the time, the best picture is not the same shot as the best audio track. So we have to make it lip-sync or create some other editing tricks (like using a shot on another character or a wide frame) to be sure the audience won’t see the trick.


After Twitter, Facebook and Google+, Syred Pictures is now on Vine! If you follow us on Twitter, you may have seen our Vines. But the easier, if you have the app, is to follow us on this network! Our nickname (linked to our Twitter account) is just SyredPictures. You can subscribe to our page (https://vine.co/SyredPictures). For those who don’t know Vine, it’s a social network where you can share short videos (6 seconds maximum). We make some Vines the days we shoot, so you can almost be live on set with us. Join us!
And just as a reminder, there is a photo album online where we upload, after the shootings, every pictures of the day. We upload some of them on Facebook, but the easier is to directly go, with the above menu, on the page Series > Kaidan, or to go directly to this short link: http://tinyurl.com/KaidanShoot.


In February, it’s the 3rd and last “Nothing New” season remastered that we’ll re-upload. Once more, the ending credits were changed and, as in season 2, it’s now We The Kings who sing in it. There is no other big improvement as it was already upscaled in HD in the original version, and the sound track was good. We didn’t edited anything else. This re-upload will allow a new audience to discover the show, as we are more than ever in the news. This season celebrates Johannes and Maykel’s wedding. In 2010 when the show was uploaded the first time, it was impossible in France and only possible in limited countries or states. Now, in 2014, it is possible in a lot of countries/states, including France, and there are the Sotchi Olympics with all the gay scandal about Russia. So more than ever, this season is right with the news. Reality became one with fiction. Episodes are currently uploaded 1 episode per day, from Monday to Friday.


This news apply only for people speaking French, as the Fanbooks are not translated in English. The 3rd and last “Nothing New” Fanbook will be available on iTunes in the end of the month. You’ll know a lot more about how the season was written, and all the work behind the cameras. This season is our favorite, as it’s the funniest. You’ll be able to read some messages from the cast, some production notes about the shooting, and you’ll have every pictures taken during the season. This last Fanbook even contains exclusive scenes from the show that never ended in the final product and were canceled. Another book that every fans need.


About the previous Fanbooks, volume 2 just received a small update recently, and is now in version 1.1. This update just changed a picture which happened to be from season 3. We deleted it and changed it for a picture from season 2.
But the two Fanbooks will have a new update soon (sent to Apple on February 7, it is still under review but should be available this week). Here are the changelogs:

– We changed the colors of the title on the cover as it was written with the wrong ones.
– Added a name in the credits.
– Changed some lines so it’s now not talking about “(still) Nothing New” anymore as this show is now independent.
– New feature: you can click on an episode title, in the Episodes chapter, to watch it directly on Dailymotion.

– Navigation improved.
– Corrected some grammar mistakes.
– New feature: you can click on an episode title, in the Episodes chapter, to watch it directly on Dailymotion.

To update your books, on iPad, open the iBooks app. A little “1” next to “Store” will warn you that an update is available. Just click on “Update”. On Mac, when you’ll open iBooks, a little arrow on the upper right corner (next to the search field) will appear. Click on it to see the update. If the arrow doesn’t appear, just open the Fanbook and iBooks will warn you about the update.