February 2016 – MONTHLY DIGEST

“Kaidan: Sekai no ma”, go!
What’s next?
And coming soon…


Happy New Year to all of you! Yes, we are late on that, but these last months were studious for us. While “Nothing New” was re-uploaded, we (Alexandre and Celine) asked Syred Pictures to offer us some community management training course. So we are ready for our social networks. And there is a good reason for this. As you’ll see in this article, next years will be devoted to “Kaidan”. And our job is to live this big adventure with you.
Oh and before we let you read the news, we wanted to thank you once more for the amazing reception the “Nothing New” re-upload received! The Vimeo transition didn’t seem too painful for you, and a new part of the world discovered the webseries. Eight years after the original release, the webseries was watched for the very first time by a lot of people. This year, we received a lot of messages from Asia and India. Thanks everyone!


The first news for this new year is about the re-upload of “Kaidan”. You know, the show with many identities. First called “(still) Nothing New”, then changed to “Kaidan” because the audience didn’t get the title and thought it was a real sequel to “Nothing New” and the Johannes/Maykel story. The series is back this year, freshly re-titled “Kaidan: Sekai no ma” (“Between worlds”). A new name but not a surprise, as we prepared you for this new title for months, but a good way for us to let you understand that “Kaidan” is a franchise, and that it won’t be the only story.

So, what to expect in this re-upload? Honestly, nothing changed (besides the opening credits with the new title). No cut scenes, everything looked good for us in the first version. It’s just a way for you to have the first season in mind this spring. The first teaser is available right now, a trailer in two weeks, and the webseries will be uploaded in March, one episode per week (with a one week break between episodes 7 and 8).


That’s the part you were waiting for. “Kaidan: Sekai no ma”, season 2! Cause we can finally announce a year. The season will be available in 2018, for Syred Pictures 10th year anniversary. I know, a lot of you don’t expect it anymore, but we have a small team, and the editing is pretty chaotic.

This new season brings you, at the exact second, where the previous one stopped. No spoilers for those who never watched season 1, as it’s not online currently, but you’ll find back the characters in a horrible situation (nothing less). As everyone’s true identity is revealed, the season is full of action. We’ll follow with you this new adventure on our social networks before and during the release. Our iOS app will also be available at this time and will contain an interactive way to follow the season. But we’ll talk about this later.


As we decided all the articles would be about “Kaidan”, it seems logical to talk about “Kaidan: Tenshi no kuroi kokoro” (The dark hearted angel). What is it? Our next chapter in the “Kaidan” franchise.

We still don’t know if it’ll be a webseries, a comics, or a novel, but it’ll bring you in 2068, with a Sophitia (character you’ll meet in “Kaidan: Sekai no ma” season 2) looking for redemption and fighting an evil and ancient force. Don’t expect a futuristic series, as we’ll be in a future where technology didn’t evolve so much and is under control. There will be some sci-fi elements, but it’s more a fantasy universe. And yes, as promised, this series will answer the question about the Japanese title (the reason will be pretty clear).