The application

F.A.Q. updated on February 14, 2016

When will the Syred Pictures application be available?
The app will be released simultaneously with ‘Kaiden: Sekai no ma’ season 2.

What will be the price?
The app will be free.

What will be in version 1.0?
– A “Flat” interface: sober and intuitive.
– A rich content: you’ll find all the informations from this website, like the monthly digests, projects, casting calls, but also exclusive content like videos made just for the app, and a news page, with shorter and more regular news.
– Push Notifications: receive a news as soon as we publish it, or know when a new episode from our series is online.
– Multilingual: depending on the language of your iPhone, the app will either be in french, or english.
The app will be available for iPhone and iPod Touch, with iOS 9 at least. The app is optimized for iPhone 6/6S (standard and Plus) screens.

What’s on the roadmap for the next versions?
– Messages: cause we know it’s often complicated to contact an actor, we will help you with an easy system. You’ll be able to send text, video or photo to any member of our casts and crews directly from the app. The message will be sent to his/her email and he/she will be able to answer to you through the app.
– 3D Touch: you’ll be able to access quickly to the news, or videos, directly from the iPhone (6S/6S Plus) Home menu.
– Widget : a widget in the notification center will countdown the time until the next episode.
– Multitask: on iPad (Air 2/Pro), the app will take advantage of the Picture-in-Picture mode, so you’ll be able to watch our videos even if you switch to another app.

What about the other Apple devices?
The iPad will have a version right after the iPhone, with the same content.
We are planning a light version for the Apple Watch, only with notifications and to read the news.
And for sure we are working later on an Apple TV app, to let you watch our videos, read our news, and access the bonus content that only the iPhone and iPad have, right on your TV.

Will there be an Android or Windows Phone version?
At the moment, we just have iOS engineers in our team. So we are not able to promise compatibility with non-Apple devices.