In 2012, there is Still Nothing New

Our first idea was to end the show at the third season, but thanks to you, there will be a fourth season. With the huge success of season 3, but also in front of all the emails received recently from people who just discovered the show, we couldn’t leave you like that. But to come back, we needed to find a really good idea, and not just come back with a sequel and deceive you.

We are now in writing stage, but we can already give you some great news on the new season.

This sequel will be a spin-off, independent from the three other seasons, and you’ll be able to watch it even if you don’t know the series at all.

As the story of Johannes and Maykel is over and they left the country after their wedding, it was complicated to find a good reason to continue the show. After some months of brainstorming, we finally found the perfect idea. The comic part of the show should be even funnier this year, and the main characters will be another couple well known in the show. It’s like a spin-off, but as a sequel…

The casting call is still active and we are still looking for new actors.

We’ll come back to you soon with more informations! And thanks again for the past 4 years!