January 2014 – MONTHLY DIGEST


Happy New Year 2014!
We’re back on the set
“Nothing New” season 2 remastered


The Syred Pictures team join us to wish you a happy new year 2014! A lot of good things for you this year, health, and everything! On our side, it will be the biggest year we’ve ever known. With a new season in production, the announcement of a new show (yes, a new show is coming!), the fact that we’re moving (we leave Strasbourg this year), but also new members joining our team! More than ever, we will interact with you on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Our New Year Resolution this year is to bring you a new universe, and we will do it! And even if this first month is quite slow and this article is a bit empty, believe us, it will be huge in the next months! Once again, happy New Year to you, and we hope all your wishes come true! Don’t let anyone bring you down in your projects, it’s by trying again and again that we reach our goals.


And the shooting for “Kaidan” (remember that we changed “(still) Nothing New” title) is starting again, on Sunday the 12th of January. We’ll do some re-shoots first, from scenes shot in November. There were technical difficulties and camera problems on it, so we have to do it again. If everything is good, we should end episodes 2, 3, 4 and 5 this month. So we aren’t late anymore. At the same time, Maykel and Maxime will start to edit the firsts episodes so we can send them to the special effects team as fast as possible, cause they will have a hard task: bringing to life everything that comes out of the show creators’ imagination ; from magic attacks to inter-dimensional portals. And for sure, we’ll tell you everything about it later. Don’t forget that starting January 12, while shooting, we’ll live tweet some photos from the set. Then later this day, we’ll post some pics on Facebook as well. We even have a surprise for our Vine followers!


Still this month, we’ll upload on streaming websites a remastered season. And it’s time for season 2. Not a lot of improvements compared to season 1, cause the audio track was already reworked when we upscaled the show in HD in 2010. But fans will hear that the ending credits have a new song. We leave I Hate Kate, as they signed with a major and we can’t use their song anymore, and we replaced it with a song from We The Kings. Same kind of music, but it fits even better for the show. The episodes will be uploaded starting January 10, one episode every day, from Monday to Friday. And as last month, there will be a Fanbook on iTunes, but this one will come later, probably around January 30, cause we are still writing it. It’s a season that was hard to create, and we are still trying to reach every actor involved in it.