January 2015 – MONTHLY DIGEST

Two new webseries
And a short movie
Scheduled maintenance


Before anything: Syred Pictures wishes you a happy new year 2015! And it’ll be a tough year for us. As you can see, we are again a month late, but it’s caused by a huge bug on our servers. For you, it was totally invisible as the website was still online, thanks to the cache we added last November (what a great timing). We’ll start this year by talking about what will be next? What is post-Kaidan? For sure, we are still editing the second season of “Kaidan”, and it’ll be released ‘somewhere in 2015’, but we wanted to see further. The first casting call for our new projects are starting, so let’s see what are these projects.


First of all, we are happy to announce that we’ll shoot not one, but two new webseries this year! The first one, shot next summer, is currently called “Mistaken Identity”. It’s not the final title, it can still change, and this series will bring us back to the comedy, a genre we left with “Nothing New”. The series will star two people who look-alike, and how they will suddenly have to take each other’s place and life. A very well-known theme, but with a lot of funny situations. It should be our very first webseries shot in english! We are planning one season only, and around 11 episodes. It’ll be online this autumn.

The second series is called “Kaidan: Tenshi no kuroi kokoro” (The Dark Hearted Angel). As you guessed, it’s a sequel to “Kaidan”. Located 100 years in the future, the series will star Sophitia (that you’ll meet in “Kaidan” season 2), a demon who hunt those of her kind, and who will have to bring back order in a world where peace is just an illusion, and a powerful society wants to open the doors of Hell. The shooting will start in the end of 2015 and will continue until 2017! The series will have 2 seasons of 12 episodes each, and the first season will be online for Summer 2016. You’ll discover as well what is the link between Japan and the show.


As we thought we had some space on our schedule, we decided to add a short movie! “Four”, shot this spring, will be a thriller and will star a girl who lives alone in a building, but feels that someone is looking at her all the time. But maybe it’s not her imagination? This short movie is meant to be shown in festivals, and won’t be uploaded on our website immediately. But still, it’ll be online as soon as possible in 2015.


Finally, as promised in November, the website will be totally reworked this month! A new design is on the way. It’ll be flat, ready for any screen size (mobile, tablet, computer, TV…), and clearer. To change that and test it, we’ll need to cut access to the website for a weekend. You’ll still be able to come on the URL, but you’ll be welcomed with a maintenance page. So don’t panic, everything is normal.