Kaidan: Sekai no ma


Isobel, now living with Nikolaus, meets her new neighbors, Hevn and Miley. As Maykel comes back with Greg, who mysteriously forgot some parts of his past, Hevn and Miley become more and more curious, asking a lot of things.
When Hevn, Miley and Greg true identities are revealed, the life of Isobel and Nikolaus fall into a state of horror. Time is running out: the couple needs to accept their destiny, and prepare to a decisive fight. On his side, Maykel, guided by a gifted young lady, tries to change the future.

The foundation stone of a multiverse:
Even if it’s officially a spin-off, “Kaidan” is also considered as an independent series and the beginning of a new saga. As it can be watched after “Nothing New” or even if you don’t know the show at all, “Kaidan” is a saga with known characters, but placed into a fantastic universe.
To create interconnected series, Syred Pictures launches the “Kaidan” saga in several parts. The first, “Sekai no ma”, has two seasons. The next series from this saga will take place in the same universe, but won’t be sequels. They could happen before, after, or even at the same time than the first series. With this interconnected universe (a ‘multiverse’), Syred Pictures wants to create a real franchise.

The Japanese title:
“Kaidan” (かいだん) means “supernatural story” in Japanese. This general title was chosen for the saga because it allows a lot of possibilities and evolutions for the next series. The reason why the title is in Japanese is not revealed in this first series.
The subtitle, “Sekai no ma” (世界のま), means “Between the Worlds”. This refers to the fact that the Human world, where this series takes place, is located between two other worlds.

Air date: 2013-? (2 seasons)
Number of episodes: 20

Series created by: Maykel Stone, Sidney Soriano

Production: Syred Pictures, Mecagination Films
Directors: Maxime Bobin, Maykel Stone
Screenwriters: Maykel Stone, Sidney Soriano

Cast: Anaïs Rahm, Ralph Schaefer, Vanessa Soumier, Sam Twelve, Maykel Stone, Steven Claire, Louise Lehry, Océane Debote.

IMDb link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3578676/