The end is near
Editing the show
Re-upload: “Kaidan” season 1
The first Fanbook for “Kaidan”


Here comes March! We are really late on our plans (cause of the weather), and the shooting should’ve ended some weeks ago. But with all the troubles, we had to delay a lot. But here we are, in the home stretch. This month, we are shooting the last big scenes. Then, in April, we’ll only have some minor shots to do. We only have 5 weekends left on our timesheet. And as we planned, at first, 23 days of shooting, we actually are quite good. Episodes 1 to 5 are complete, and we finished episode 6 last week. The next days should only be to shoot episodes 7 to 10. It’s still shot under pressure, cause we really need everything to be done this month. And a lot of characters will die in the next days, so there’ll be, each week, less and less actors on the set!


We just started to edit this second season of “Kaidan”. Right now, we are mostly in a derush process, it means that we are pre-selecting takes. As we said last month, there was a lot of wind in February and we now need to be sure that the voices are good. Cause if it’s not the case, we’ll have to re-shoot the scenes in the next weeks. So it’s good to know that as soon as possible. This time we’ll edit in many steps and with many teams. The first step is to make a raw picture edit, like a draft, and try to find a good audio track. Then the second step is to apply all our filters and correct the picture. Then, this version is sent to the special effect team (the hardest work, maybe). And finally, the episode comes back to us with the special effect in it, and we have to make our third edit: adding the sounds on the special effects. That’s why this year, the editing work is split between three teams. One for the picture, one for the sound, and a last one for the color correction. If this is quite normal for a big movie, it’s not usual on an amateur project where (most of the time) all of this is done by the same person. And it was the case before! On “Nothing New”, Maykel did all this by himself! Then for “Kaidan” season 1, he asked the director, Maxime Bobin, to do the color correction. This year, a third team will join to edit the picture. Maykel will only edit the sound.


Don’t forget that we have an album online where we post, each week, the pictures of the shooting. We upload some of them on Facebook, but the easiest is to access the album by clicking on Series > Kaidan on the menu above, or to favorite this short link:
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In March, we re-upload “Kaidan” season 1! No remastered version, unlike “Nothing New”. This time it’s just a cosmetic change: the title of the show in the opening credits, which was before “(still) Nothing New”, is now modified to be “Kaidan”. This change is also available on the IMDb, as “Kaidan” is now on it ( Note that this link could not work when we upload this article, as the changes on the IMDb servers take some time. At least it already works on the IMDb iOS/Android app. Episodes from “Kaidan” season 1 will be uploaded with english subtitles from March 10 (1 episode per day, from Monday to Friday).


“Kaidan” will also have its Fanbook! The format will be different from the one used for “Nothing New”. Cleaner, portrait mode, and flat design. The content, almost similar, will have a lot more informations. The season is recent, so we have many documents to use. We were even able to interview the full cast. The book will be our best one. Furthermore, you’ll still be able to watch the trailer in the book, to have the screenplays, to hear the original soundtrack, to watch every photos from the set, and to watch the episodes. This Fanbook will be available on iBooks pour iPad and Mac in the end of the month.