Starting the “Kaidan” promotion
Update on the editing


News will be light this month. As planned, May and June are mainly used for moving Syred Pictures’ office, as we leave Strasbourg in June. The activity is slowed down, or even shut down on some things, like the pre-production of our two new shows. Notes about them are waiting on hard drives, sleeping in some moving boxes. A minimum activity is kept, and here is on what!


We thought we could show you a teaser this month, but as the activity is slowed down and we still don’t have a release date for the next “Kaidan” season, a teaser would be a bad idea. So this month, we’ll release the cast promotional pictures. In May, on our social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google+), we’ll show you the cast promo pics, one each day. There will be a small description of the character played by the actor. So you’ll finally be able to see the full cast and learn more about them. The next steps in the promotion will be to release a teaser before the summer (end of June), the posters in the summer, and a final trailer in September. As said before, we still don’t know when season 2 will be released. To bring you the best final product, and take care of the special effects, we’ll need time. We still hope that it’ll be ready this year, but not before November. At the time it’ll be released, we’ll already be shooting our next show.


As we said in the editorial, the activity is slowed down while we move. And so we are still working on the firsts episodes. The opening credits are already edited and the cast even had the chance to see an alpha version of it. The very first featurette (making of the first episode) is also fully edited and the cast watched it. About the episodes themselves, episodes 1 and 2 are almost done. Special effects are still missing. The editing shouldn’t go further this month, and it’s in June that the biggest part will be done, once we’ll be in our new city. A vlog about the progress done on the editing should be uploaded in June, to let you know precisely where we are.