New collaboration

We were silent recently, but we had to prepare this news, and we are proud to announce today that “Kaidan: Sekai no ma” is now part of Amazon Prime Video, the Netflix challenger by Amazon!

We are now officially available in USA, UK, Germany and Japan. But this is only the beginning as the service is growing worldwide.

What does it mean for season 1?
It doesn’t change anything. The season is already available on Amazon Prime Video, but stays as well available on Youtube and Vimeo, and to download on our website.

What does it mean for season 2?
The season is now exclusive to Amazon Prime Video. For French speaking countries, as Amazon Prime Video is not currently available there, the series will still be on Youtube, but region locked. Amazon Prime Video will have the full season one month before Youtube. Furthermore, while the full season will be available at once on Amazon Prime, it’ll be only one episode per week on Youtube.
Note that it’ll be uploaded on Youtube only if France, Canada and Belgium are not added in Amazon Prime Video when the season will be available. If they are added, the series will become fully exclusive to Amazon.
The free download of the episodes will be available three to six months after the release on Amazon Prime Video (this is still to decide).
Finally, season 2 will be totally reworked to the Amazon Prime Video standards.

What’s next?
As season 1 is already available for some days on Amazon Prime Video, we are happy to see that it is working so well, even more when you know that this season is 4 years old. Season 2 is our bet with Amazon Prime Video : if the season works, it’s our door to create a new original Amazon series.
However, note that as season 2 is now an Amazon Prime Video exclusive, we can’t give you a release date anymore. It’s now a “TBA” series. There’s even a chance, if season 1 works better than excepted, that season 2 could be cancelled and that we receive an order for a complete reboot of the show, with a budget. We’ll keep you informed.

But for now, we invite you, if you live in one of these countries and have an Amazon Prime subscription, to watch and rate the show! For our viewers in USA, season 1 is totally free on Amazon Prime until the 05/31/2017, you don’t even need an Amazon Prime subscription!