MONTHLY DIGEST – November 2013


About the shooting
Redefining the streaming
Small recap
Photos live from the set
And next month?


Let’s say it, October was a bitch to us. Most of the scenes this season have to be shoot outside, and there was so much rain that we sometimes had to push back a whole day. The shooting was re-organized to film the episodes 1 to 4 on two months, rather than the usual one month. In November, we are then still shooting these 4 first episodes, cause we are late. However, this has no impact on our calendar, and instead of finishing mid-February, we will now finish in the end of February. It’s just two weeks more. Anyway, right now, there is no episode shot completely and there is still a lot of work. Let’s hope the weather will be better from now on!


Each season, we redefine the websites on which the series is streamed, based on the audience. So, as the series was available on 18 streaming websites in 2008 for season 1, we deleted each year those where the show wasn’t working well, until we arrived at 8 websites this year, when we broadcasted season 4.
To prepare season 5, we’ll redefine again the streaming websites. But this time, it won’t be based on the audience. It’ll be based on “which websites offer the best features?”. And we kept the websites that have a close caption/subtitle feature, and those who have a beautiful and easy-to-use iOS/Android app. The websites we kept are: YouTube,, Vimeo and Dailymotion. We delete, among others, DeviantArt, cause the website is definitely not good for filmmakers and they have no app at all, but also WatTV, French website who lost its “open door to amateurs” style to become a simple replay service for some French TV channels. Furthermore, Wat only has a smartphone app, no tablet app, and this app is one of the most horrible we’ve ever seen.


The redefining on the 4 streaming websites will be done in December, when the remastered version of the show will be uploaded (we’ll talk about that next month). To know where you’ll be able to watch the show with english subtitles, here is a small recap:

YouTube, the most famous streaming website:
– English subtitles on the website.
– English subtitles in the app.

Vimeo, the growing outsider (thanks to Apple who integrated it to Macs, iPads and iPhones):
– No subtitles on the website, but the Vimeo team told us it should come early 2014.
– No subtitles in the app, but again the Vimeo team told is it’s on their roadmap after the website., THE reference for web series lovers:
– English subtitles on the website.
– No subtitles in the app, and the team told us there is nothing planned.

Dailymotion, the french website that grows international:
– English subtitles on the website.
– No subtitles in the app, but the Dailymotion team told us it should come next year.


This month again, photos taken on the set are available for you! You can access this album from the official website ( and choosing “Gallery” in the menu, or by writing directly this short URL: Each monday, if there was a shooting the previous week, new pics will be automatically added to this gallery, with the date we shot, and a preview of the weather this day.
You can click on the pics to enlarge them, or even download them. Don’t hesitate to come back once a week on the gallery to see the new pictures, and to share them on social networks, or comment/like them on our official Facebook page where we upload some of the pics each monday. And remember that while shooting, generaly on Sundays, we live tweet some pictures.


A new interview for the french magazine Coze is on the way! On our side, we’ll have a lot to announce too, about the remastered version of the show (finally!), and about the shooting. Stay tuned!