MONTHLY DIGEST – October 2013


Here comes October, and with the usual rainy days, it’s also time to start the shooting. This month, we’ll shoot episodes 1 to 4 from season 5. Theses episodes are the direct sequel, at the exact second, to the previous season. Still co-produced by MecaginationFilms, the beginning of this season will bring two new characters and some explanations… but as well the first fights. The slaughter will also start as in these first episodes, one (secondary) character will die. No spoiler here, as you’ll understand who dies when you’ll be able to see the episodes’ titles. About the new characters, you’ll meet Syndel, a psychic demon, played by Océane Debote, who shares a link with one of the other characters. The second new character is Sophitia, played by Louise Lehry, that you’ve already seen in the last seconds of the previous season, with June. Louise will need to be a little schizophrenic while playing, cause her character is double, in a way. But you’ll understand better in the next months, when we’ll be able to tell you more about it.


As we do every season, photos taken on the set are available for you! You can access this album from the official website ( and choosing “Gallery” in the menu, or by writing directly this short URL: Each monday, if there was a shooting the previous week, new pics will be automatically added to this gallery, with the date we shot, and a preview of the weather this day.
You can click on the pics to enlarge them, or even download them. Don’t hesitate to come back once a week on the gallery to see the new pictures, and to share them on social networks, or comment/like them on our official Facebook page where we upload some of the pics each monday. And remember that while shooting, generaly on Sundays, we live tweet some pictures.


We leave a bit the 5th season for the last news. In May, we announced that we were remastering seasons 1 to 3 to improve them. It’s time to report progress on it. We won’t talk about the details, this will be part of another news, but we want to let you know that we are at 66%! Seasons 1 and 2 are totally remastered, and we are starting season 3 this week. The good news is that we decided to change our subtitle method. Seasons 1 to 3 will have the same subtitles than Season 4, so you can activate/deactivate them when you want. This is more pleasant for our international audience than the old “forced” subtitles that were on screen even if you didn’t want them. At the same time, we corrected a lot of them (mistakes, better way to say it, and so on). The other good news for our english-speaking friends: for the very first time, we subtitled every extras! There is no non-subbed extra anymore! Making of, interviews, featurettes, we subbed all of them for you! About when it’ll be uploaded on our servers and on streaming websites: we may have a good news about it in the November monthly digest.