MONTHLY DIGEST – September 2013


Hello everyone! We are back from holidays with a new team to manage the website. And we have a new monthly edition with this post cut in parts, each with a title so it’s easier for you to read. There will still be, sometimes, some individual posts when we have something important to say and we can’t wait for the monthly edition. But this new presentation will allow us to make a digest. Usually, the monthly digest will be posted between the 1st and the 10th of the month. September is out of this dates cause the new team was just chosen. So it’ll be only small news, and we’ll keep the biggest for the next post, in around 10 days. By the way, the new team is myself, Céline Bock, casting director at Syred Pictures, and Alexandre Bery, who’s also PR for every projects.


This sunday we’ll start the last season of “(still) Nothing New”. Exactly one year after season 4’s promotional photo shooting, the cast will meet again for the new photo shooting, still directed by the photographer Jean-Philippe Moreno who took the marvelous pictures of Season 4, and to shoot the opening credits. This season will really be the very last of the show as Syred Pictures will leave Strasbourg in some months to move to the south of France. The company moves and it’ll be impossible for us to continue this show where we’ll be, so far from the cast (but we are already thinking about a whole new show!). So we decided to end on a high note, and we have a lot of surprises until the last episode. But we’ll have time to talk about it in the next months. Cause if the shooting starts in some weeks, the show will be online only in November 2014! So until that, each month, we’ll have surprises and we’ll follow each step in the creation of the series finale!