Nothing New – Season 1 Fanbook

Collection: Fanbooks
Language: French

ISBN: 979-10-91536-00-4
Publication date: December 10, 2013
Price: free
Download: iBooks Store
This book can be read on iPhone, iPad and Mac OS.

Editor’s informations:
This book is a souvenir for fans, and a good way to discover the show for new spectators. This iBook, for iOS and Mac OS, is fully interactive. It is filled with informations, photos, and other content. You’ll be able to see every stills taken on the set, posters, promo pics, but also trailers, secrets from the producers, words from the cast, informations, and a lot more. This book even contains, for the very first time made public, the full original screenplays of each episode, with notes from the production about the scenes that were written but never shot at all, or cut in the editing room.
The book every fan need to possess.