Nothing New


The story revolves around some friends living in Strasbourg, their professional and love adventures. Gay or straight, engaged or single, they won’t have a day of rest to say that there’s Nothing New. In three seasons, “Nothing New” mainly follows the relationship between Johannes and Maykel, from their break-up to their wedding.
Around them are their friends, all completely crazy. From a psychiatrist crazier than her patients who accepts to become a surrogate mother, to an homophobic brother who’s a priest, each character is ready to make you crazy.

A victory for Syred Pictures:
Started in 2008 when the whole ‘web series’ concept was not known outside the United States, “Nothing New” was the very first web series to be created in France, and the very first web series worldwide to show gay relations like something “natural”, like a straight relation. Strengthened by it’s ‘very first french web series’ status, “Nothing New” was also widely followed by the medias, newspapers, radios and TV channels in France.
Today, “Nothing New” is counting more than 200 000 downloads per episode for the french version, and 1 million downloads per episode for the english subtitled version, which has a huge success around the world.
“Nothing New” is also the very first web series worldwide that used a 3D camera for an episode, and was critically acclaimed for that.
The strength of the show is, naturally, due to its story based on true events, and so is even more realistic and immersive.

Air date: 2008-2010 (3 seasons)
Number of episodes: 31

Series created by: Maykel Stone

Production: Syred Pictures, Mecagination Films
Directors: Ambroise Bucher, Steve Stone, Maykel Stone
Screenwriters: Maykel Stone, Sidney Soriano

Cast: Alban Greiner, Maykel Stone, Anaïs Rahm, Dorian Martin, Mégane Lizier, Steven Claire, Esther List, Karine Piveteau, Amandine Lett.

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