November 2014 – MONTHLY DIGEST


“Kaidan” posters
Update on the editing
New website is coming


And we are back! We’re a bit late, as we should’ve been back in October, but the (still not finished) moving in our new city is taking longer than expected. And so we are late on everything. We should be totally operational in a month. But still, we have some great news to share, starting with the brand new Syred Pictures logo that you can see above! It was designed by two artists: Emilien François and Dominique Arruat.


If you follow us on social networks, you may have seen them: posters for season 2 were revealed this summer and are now online. You can see them in high resolution on our Flickr account here or by going in the menu Series > Kaidan > Photos and selecting Posters in season 2.


As said in the editorial, editing is a bit late too as our moving is chaotic. Anyway, right now, we don’t have an official release date except “2015”, so we can still make it. We almost finished to edit the episodes, and now everything is in the hands of the special effects team, and it’ll need some months. If it goes well, the series should be ready in February. We hope so!


The website will have a new look! Happily, after 2 years looking the same. At first, we added a cache. It’s not amazing for you, but the website will be faster to load, even when there are a lot of people on it. Cause until now, it was really slow each time we released a new episode, as there was a lot of traffic on it. But the biggest change is coming in January, when the website will have a full new design! Flat, responsive, compatible with all screens (computers, smartphones, tablets). The experience will be better. And we’ll see you next month with our Christmas gift: first informations on our two next series, both shot simultaneously in 2015!