On our own server

Syred Pictures finally have its own server!

At first, “Nothing New” was hosted on Megauplad. It was easier for us, and we never had any trouble with them, our files were online 24/7.

With Megaupload closed so quickly and without any warning, we had to find a quick replacement. We reuploaded the whole show on FileServe cause it seemed like the best solution. But we met our first problem with them: they delete files randomly, sometimes just 24 hours after the upload, and with no reason. We had to re-upload the show a lot of times.

After two months like that, we decided to buy our own server! What it means for us: our files are secured, and always available.
What it means for you: no waiting time, you can download the file as soon as you click on the link. No captcha code to write. Faster downloads for free, and multiple downloads allowed.

We are uploading the show on this new server right now, and the links on the official show website (en.riende9.com) are updated in real time.