September 2015 – MONTHLY DIGEST

About “Kaidan” Season 2
Already eight years
Hello, Vimeo!


Hello everyone! Summer is over. And yes, we didn’t say a word since April, but we had nothing to announce. Meanwhile, we created a podcast (in French) about a lot of geeky things. You can listen to it on iTunes. But for now, let’s see what’s happening at Syred Pictures!


No, we didn’t forget about it, and yes, it’s still in the editing room. As said in April, “Nothing New” was a big priority for some months. We left “Kaidan” and our team went in emergency on the “Nothing New” remaster. Now that this part is done, the team can go back on “Kaidan”. There is still no official release date. And as we love secrets at Syred Pictures (controlled release, non-disclosure agreement in the cast contracts), it’s useless to ask for informations, pictures or even previews before Maykel decides it’s time to show you something. That’s how we work and it won’t change.

But there is a little news about “Kaidan”: the series now have a subtitle! “Kaidan” is now the title of the universe in which several series will take place. We already announced a spin-off based on Sophitia, but we are thinking about some more. So, “Kaidan” is now the title of the multiverse, and each series will have a subtitle. The current series is now called “Sekai no ma”, which means “Between worlds”, as the Humans world is between the Angels one and the Demons one.


In our previous post in April, we talked about the “Nothing New” remaster. Season 1 is now fully online, and season 2 is in progress (currently at episode 6 when we post this article), one episode per week. Season 3 will follow. We are proud of the work made on this version, some episodes where re-edited for the first time since their original release in 2008. It was really strange to go back on it. And even more strange to realize that Syred Pictures was created 8 years ago (in July 2007), and that our first web series was released 7 years ago (in April 2008).

We are proud to still be here, after all this time, and to work on projects we like, but most of all proud that you like them too and that you still support us. There are not a lot of amateur studios that started at the same time than us (or even before) still in activity. Actually, as far as we know it, we are the only ones. During these years we saw actors like Steven Claire evolve, or even found some new talents like Louise Lehry. And we hope that our next projects, including the one we keep for our 10 years anniversary, will entertain you for many other years. Thank you everyone!


As the picture above suggests, Vimeo is our new favorite place. From now on, Vimeo becomes our new main video host for the newest videos. Don’t worry, we’ll still upload our videos on YouTube, and Facebook. But Vimeo is a priority for some reasons that we’ll explain.

  • First of all, the player. From the 4 websites, Vimeo has the most easy-to-use, smooth, and customizable player. Indeed, we can customize it from A to Z the way we need. Moreover, Vimeo can handle captions better than YouTube (italic, for example, is not handled by YouTube). As Vimeo is a website turned to quality content, their encoding is better as well.

  • Then for the absence of ads. That’s better for you, there are no ads popping on screen, or showing before the video. For sure, unlike YouTube, we are not paid when you watch an episode. But we preferred to bet on a player with no ads.

  • Vimeo offers as well more simplicity when it comes to smartphones and tablets. Moreover, some of our videos on YouTube are blocked on smartphones and tablets due to copyright restrictions (the featurettes for example). This problem doesn’t exist on Vimeo, so we can freely integrate all our videos on our future apps.

  • And Vimeo has definitive URLs. When we re-upload a new version of a video, the link to this video stays the same. On YouTube, when you want to re-upload a video, you have to delete the old one, and then upload the new one under a new URL, starting again at 0 view. On Vimeo, you can change the video file without loosing the statistics and URL. Easier for you to keep a specific video in your favorites, or for us to use the link once and for all in our apps, website, etc.

  • Finally, Vimeo allows Premium content. Right now, we don’t plan on using this functionality, but one day maybe. It’s possible, for example, to rent a movie or an episode at a precise price, or even subscriptions to access all our content. Once more, we don’t plan on using this at the moment. But maybe one day we’ll propose a webseries that you’ll be able to access with a subscription some months before its free release.

  • The switch to Vimeo is done while we re-upload our series remastered, but soon all the bonus contents will be uploaded to Vimeo too and deleted from YouTube.