Something New

June, main character of this comics

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Collection: Comics
Genre: Comedy
Language: Available in english or french

ISBN: awaiting
Publication date: awaiting
Price: free
Number of volumes: undetermined
Download: soon

Character design: Benoit Le Mintier
Story: Maykel Stone
Based on the series “Nothing New” created by Maykel Stone

It has been two years since Johannes and Maykel’s wedding. They finally stayed in France and adopted a young girl, June. This comics follows the adventures of this young girl who has two dads and a lot of imagination. We’ll also found Isobel and Nikolaus now in couple and living in the apartment next door, and also Esther, back and looking for a new job, being June’s babysitter.

An alternative sequel:
This comics takes place at the same time than “(still) Nothing New” and is taking the fact that Maykel and Johannes never left France as a starting point. The idea of this comics comes from the original “(still) Nothing New” brainstorming. Maykel Stone and Sidney Soriano couldn’t decide what should be the new season of the show and prepared two different versions that they both like. Finally, they took one idea (Maykel and Johannes left France) for the show, and the other idea (Maykel and Johannes stayed in France) became this comics. The originality is that these two versions have a different starting point, but it’s not impossible that one day, they could meet…

Characters gallery:
June Stone-Zimmermann Maykel Stone Johannes Zimmermann Isobel Devreaux Nikolaus Zimmermann Esther List