(still) Nothing New: let’s go!

Here we are! The new season starts this week!
With a brand new cast, an new story arc written to last at least two seasons, and a new tech crew, the long-awaited return is here!

The first episode will be available thursday around 10am (EST) on streaming websites (YouTube, Vimeo, Deviantart…) and as a free download on the series’ official website (riende9.com).
The following episodes will then be available each week, on thursday, around 10am (EST), and a making-of featurette will be available each monday on our YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/SyredPictures). Episode 1 featurette will be available later today.

Two more informations: the first episode is actually a pilot. It was made months before the rest of the show. Therefore, it doesn’t have the same tone, and the same cast. Thanks to not judge the whole season just on this episode. Wait for the second one that will really introduce the story arc (and so why did we release this pilot anyway? Cause we shot it. It would be sad to not show it).

The other thing: if you download the episodes for free on the series’ website, you’ll have some more functionalities: pre-tagged episodes for iTunes (they will automatically go in the TV Shows section), chapters to go directly to your favorite scene (or to skip opening credits cause we know everyone does it), and english subtitles that you can turn on/off when you want.

So be ready for thursday, and have a great week!