Summer 2014 – MONTHLY DIGEST



I’m taking the keyboard this time to give you the update. This news will be the only one during the summer. In July, we continue to move to our new city, and in August, Celine and Alexandre are on holidays. They’ll be back for you in September.

So, what can I tell you this month? As they said in June, we are moving and so we needed to stop the editing. But we aren’t late. It was on our schedule. And I can tell you that I’m really proud of our work until now, even more than I was on the first season.

I can also tell you that in September, we’ll be ready to announce more news on our two next webseries. The first one will be shot this winter and will be ready for you to watch in summer 2015. It’ll be a simple little comedy. The second one is a biggest project and will be shot during the whole year 2015. It should be online in the end of the year. I’ll be a webseries in a futuristic world, some days before the Apocalypse. But you’ll know more in September!

And now, a summer gift:
We invite you to come back on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or any other streaming website on July 30th 2014 to watch the “Kaidan” season 2 teaser! This teaser will also be available to download in HD for free on the series page (in “Extras”).

It’ll be centered on the characters and a bit of action. It’s a teaser, so we won’t spoil the story (you’ll have to wait on the trailer), but you’ll feel the atmosphere of the season.

So, I hope you’ll have a good summer, and see you in October!

– Maykel Stone