The Season Finale is coming

The season finale is coming this week. For sure, you understood now the way this season is taking, far from the previous ones.

A lot of questions will finally find an answer, and you’ll discover how “Nothing New” is linked to “(still) Nothing New”. But some new questions will appear as well, and will only find answers in the next season (which should be broadcasted in march 2014, with a shooting in the end of this summer).

After this episode, stay with us and come back on the series’ website and our YouTube channel, cause some extras will be uploaded next week (including the famous bloopers).

Some other things will be posted on this site during the year: our iOS application, some new videos, the firsts informations about the next season, a Kickstarter project, and even some informations about our next and totally new show, and our arrival on the iTunes Store (not only for the app).

Now you can prepare yourself for the season finale. Don’t hesitate to watch again the first season of “Nothing New”, cause a lot of things in the season finale to come are linked to it!