Welcome on Syred Pictures new official website!
Take a seat, and visit the place.

This website will soon become your new reference for our projects. Some of them are even unveiled here for the very first time today, like our publishing company! A lot more will be revealed in the next weeks.

To your comfort, this website had a huge beta testing (thanks to the 8 beta testers) and was tested on every browser. So we can say it’s fully compatible with Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera!
Furthermore, the website looks perfect on your PlayStation 3, iPhone (landscape mode), iPad or even PS Vita!

Finally, to stay in touch with us and our news, you have 3 ways:
– Following us on Twitter : http://twitter.com/SyredPictures
– Becoming a fan on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/SyredPictures
– Subscribing to our RSS feed : https://www.syredpictures.com/feed/
And soon on our iPhone/iPad application!

Time for your to visit the website, but we’ll come back soon with great news about ‘(still) Nothing New’!