Writing a show bible for “Nothing New”

Maykel & Esther

So we just start writing the show Bible. What is a show Bible? It’s the base of a show. It’s a document in which every little element of the series is written.
It will be used by screenwriters to write one (or more) episode, but also by producers, directors, tech crew, actors…

First, there is a summary of every themes and subjects of the show.

If it’s obvious that the creator of the show knows the universe he created, it’s necessary for every screenwriter who comes next to know what happened before in the show. When a show is well made, you have the feeling that there was just one screenwriter from the beginning to the end, but it’s never the case. This unity, this cohesion, it’s made by the show Bible.

The Bible will then present every characters in detail, every set, every element needed to understand the story, and to help the cast and crew. The informations on the characters, their biography, represents the biggest part of the document. They need to be written precisely, physically and mentally.

Each detail is important: how they talk, how they move, what kind of clothes they wear, what they feel, eat, are afraid of… et for sure their past and the relations between them.

This document will evolve with the episodes and seasons. Each episode have a summary to follow the evolution of the characters and the story. In the beginning, a Bible only have around thirty pages, but it can have a hundred or more if the show last some years.
Each new character, each new information on the story, has to be added to the Bible so any new screenwriter or director who never watched the show can easily come and do his job like he was here from the beginning.