Writing “Nothing New” season 2


Each episode of the second season came from a simple and funny idea. From this idea is written the script. From this script comes some new ideas and improvements. From this revised version comes notes from the art director (Sidney Soriano), etc… And when everything is done comes the final script. Well, not really. Actually, when the script is “final”, it’s then sent to the actors so they can do a rehearsal. And at this moment, when we see the actors giving life to the text, we change the screenplay again cause some of the dialogues just don’t feel natural, or some scenes feel like they break the episode rythm. After all that, we can say comes the final version. Or maybe not…

You see, the writing process never stops as long as the director doesn’t say “cut” for the last time. Cause even while shooting, the script evolves and his modified: some jokes are added, lines are deleted, and sometimes some entire scenes need to be changed.

So, when some people think it’s easy to write a show, they should think about the fact that it’s to rewrite (and rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite – I think you get it) the real difficulty!